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THE FELLOWSHIPS:  The American Research Institute in Turkey invites applications for fellowships for excavation and/or research in art history and archaeology to be carried out at the site of Aphrodisias in Turkey during the summer 2012.  This award is made possible by the generous support of the American Friends of Aphrodisias.  Maximum award will be $2,375 for the summer season. 

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  Scholars or advanced graduate students engaged in excavation at the site of Aphrodisias or research on material from that site are eligible to apply.  Fields of study include the history of art and architecture from antiquity to the present, and archaeology.  Applicants may also qualify for other ARIT fellowships programs.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  In order to be considered, applicants must provide complete application information.  The application, a letter of acceptance from director of the excavations at Aphrodisias in addition to two letters of reference must be received by NOVEMBER 1.  Please refer to the application format and cover page appended here.  Please include letters of reference with your application.  Students should supply a copy of their graduate transcript.  Submit materials to the American Research Institute in Turkey, c/o University of Pennsylvania Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6324.  For further information please call (215) 898-3474, fax (215) 898-0657, or email the ARIT executive director [leinwand at].  The application format is also accessible here (.doc or .pdf).  ARIT expects to notify applicants of the decision of the Committee on Fellowships by late January 2012.

RESEARCH PERMISSION:  Projects should be included within the Aphrodisias excavation permit.