American Research Institute in Turkey






ARIT is the primary professional organization for American and Canadian researchers and scholars interested in carrying out study and research in and about Turkey. ARIT centers maintain a wide range of scholarly and educational activities in Istanbul, Ankara, and the U.S. ARIT administers fellowships for research and language study in the country.

ARIT is a membership organization, composed of 47 North American universities and institutions.  Through their annual dues and contributions, ARIT members support ARIT operations and programs in Turkey and the U.S. Full members pay annual dues of $2500; a single membership may be shared by associations of two or five institutions, apportioning the membership dues proportionally. For further information about institutional membership, please contact the ARIT office in Philadelphia.

Member institutions appoint delegates to represent their interests. ARIT delegates conduct the governance and guide the work of the Institute. They elect Officers and Directors from among their number. Delegates also make up the Committee on Nominations and Committee on Finance. The Committee on Fellowships is nominated and elected from outside of ARIT membership.


President:  C. Brian Rose, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
Vice President:  Ahmet Karamustafa, University of Maryland, 2020
Treasurer:  Brian Peasnall, University of Delaware, 2020
Secretary:  John Curry, University of Nevada, Los Vegas, 2020


Timothy Harrison, University of Toronto, 2021
Mary Ellen Lane, at-large, 2020
Kathleen Lynch, University of Cincinnati, 2020
Sylvia Onder, Georgetown University, 2022
Van Pulley, at-large, 2021
Tyler Jo Smith, University of Virginia, 2022
Yucel Yanikdag, University of Richmond, 2021

Full Members:

Brown University
University of Nebraska
University of Chicago
New York University
Dumbarton Oaks
University of Pennsylvania
Georgetown University
Princeton University
Harvard University
Rutgers University
University of Illinois
University of Virginia
University of Michigan
University of Toronto

Association Members:

Archaeological Institute of America
Indiana University
University of Arizona
University of Maryland
University of Arkansas Michigan State University
Boston University
University of Minnesota
Bryn Mawr College
University of North Carolina
University of California, Berkeley
Northwestern University
University of California, Los Angeles
Ohio State University
University of California, San Diego
Portland State University
University of Central Florida Stanford University
University of Cincinnati
Texas A & M University
Columbia University
University of Texas, Austin
Cornell University
Tufts University
Council of American Overseas  Research Centers
Tulane University
Dartmouth College
University of Washington
Duke University
Washington University, Saint Louis
George Mason University Yale University