American Research Institute in Turkey



Certain resources of the ARIT Center libraries are accessible on-line through the Digital Library for International Research (DLIR), SALT Research, and Internet Archive.  At present, these include library catalogs and e-resources as follows:

           ARIT Ankara Library website and catalog
           ARIT Ankara (DLIR) Mapping Mediterranean Lands
           ARIT Ankara (DLIR) Middle East Research Journals:
                      Arkeoloji Dergisi
                      Arkeoloji Sanat Tarihi Dergisi

           ARIT Istanbul Library web page and catalog, including the American Board of Missions Library Collection
           ARIT Istanbul H. Kenneth Snipes Byzantine Studies Library
           ARIT Istanbul Digital Library:
American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions, Archives:
            Guide to the American Board Archives
            American Board Personnel Records
            American Board Archive series:
Near East Relief (1917-1928)
Near East Relief - SALT
American Board Archive - Reports and Letters, 1825-1988
American Board Reports and Letters - SALT
Photos and Albums
Photos and Albums - SALT
Riggs Family Papers
Riggs Papers - SALT
Catalogue of the Museum of Anatolian College, Merzifon
Miscellaneous (Museum Catalog) - SALT
Annual Station Reports
Annual Station Reports - SALT
Istanbul Treasury Department Records
Istanbul Treasury Records - SALT
Near East Mission Records, Istanbul Treasury Department, 1926-ca. 1954
Near East Mission Records - SALT
                      American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions, Publications:
                      American Board Pamphlets
                                 American Board Periodicals
           ARIT Istanbul (DLIR) Middle East Research Journals: Bogazici Universitesi Dergisi: Humaniter Bilimler


American Board - Near East Relief

  NERLogo NERMap  

American Board Archive - Reports and Letters


American Board - Photos and Albums

AnatCollege GirlsSchool  

Elias Riggs and Family Papers

  ERiggs     RiggsLetter   RiggsFamily  

Merzifon Museum Catalog


Annual Station Reports



Istanbul Treasury Records




Near East Mission Records


American Board Pamphlets
  Thess-Ag-Ind   BookDept   Cesarea   NERuralWork   Star-East   Friend-Enemy   IstHosp   Schools-Turkey  
American Board Periodicals
  Ang1890Children   Angeliaphoros   Ang1876Cats  
American Board Personnel Records
AlfordCarlton DorothyBlatter RobertCAvery HermanNBarnum JohnEPierce LeslieJAdkins RuthParmalee MatildaLaytonBaldwin

The ARIT libraries are supported in part by a fund developed with the help of an Endowment Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, and with the support of International Research and Exchanges (IREX).

DLIR Union Catalogue of overseas research center libraries

DLIR Ditigal Archive includes resources from Turkey:

LALORC - Local Archives and Libraries of Overseas Centers Directory
           - Find information about libraries and archives accessible through the American Overseas Research Centers

MERJ - Middle East Research Journals
View full text rare journals from research centers, including ARIT Istanbul and Ankara libraries

MEDMAPS - Mapping Mediterrnean Lands
Discover the map collections of overseas research centers in the circum-Mediterranean region