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Alex Moshkin


Alex Moshkin is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory. His dissertation, “The Fourth Wave: Israeli-Russian Literature and Film 1989-2016,” examines the institutions and works of literature and film that emerged in the course of the last 28 years in Russian and Hebrew languages by Israeli-Russian cultural producers.

Departing from the traditional reception of Israeli-Russian literature as either indicating nostalgic yearning for the Soviet past or as heralding a new wave of Jewish culture in Israel that has nothing to do with Soviet-Russian cultural heritage, his dissertation aims to illustrates how the idiosyncrasies of Soviet-Jewish identification in the late Soviet period were instrumental in triggering the overflow of cultural production by Russian-speaking emigrants after their relocation to Israel.

His research and teaching interests include Soviet and post-Soviet literature and film, contemporary Hebrew literature, Jewish studies, diaspora studies and transnationalism, digital humanities, film studies, and the sociology of literature.


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