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An experimental forum for thinking through literature, philosophy, and culture beyond disciplinary boundaries.
Founded and organized by students at the University of Pennsylvania since 1996, Theorizing is a non-profit lecture series. The program is coordinated by graduate students in the Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory.

Our coordinators for 2014-2015 are Lucas de Lima, Raquel Salas-Rivera, and Kaushik Ramu.

Our series is made possible by the generous support of the Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory and our many generous departmental and institutional co-sponsors.

Eric Hayot

Friday, September 26 @ 1pm
Lunch to be served at 12:30pm Cherpack Lounge
543 Williams Hall

What Happens to Literature
if People Are Artworks?

In Kant, 'art' and 'persons' are self-sufficient ends; their inner dignity explains humanist resistance to large-scale analysis. This talk illuminates and undermines the "idiographic prejudice" of such resistance.

Eric Hayot is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and Asian Studies at Penn State University. He is the author of Chinese Dreams: Pound, Brecht, Tel Quel (2004), The Hypothetical Mandarin (2009), Sinographies: Writing China (co-edited, 2007), On Literary Worlds (2012), and The Elements of Academic Style (2014).

Eric Hayot

Friday, Sept 26

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