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Arabic Language Links

Advanced Vega Society - Learn Arabic - Offers courses in Arabic, especially grammar and phrases of daily use.


American Association of Teachers of Arabic - Resources for teachers/students of Arabic, information on the organization, academic journal on Arabic linguistics, an Arabic mailing list and some related links.


Arab Gateway - An introduction to the Arabic language, how to study it and common English words which find their roots in Arabic.


The Arab World - A collection of useful resources such as words, phrases, some grammar and expressions in Arabic.


Arabic2000 - Arabic Language and Culture - Comprehensive site offering resources about the Arabic language including learning software, Arabic web-based course and links to best Arabic sites. Also includes three bulletin boards and search facilities in both Arabic and English.


Arabic Language. - Wikipedia article, with links to other articles on Modern Standard and Classical Arabic, as well as other varieties of the language.


Arabic Language Breakthrough - Results of research on the modernization of the Arabic language and script.


Arabic Language Resources - Includes phrases, vocabulary, grammar, products, and Arabic language schools.


Arabic Lessons in Arabic - Contains information that you can download such as grammar, writing and vocabulary.


Arabic Names and Their Meanings - List of Arabic female first names and their meanings, the list for masculine names is also available.


Arabic Speak7 - Internet site offering lessons in grammar, vocabulary, phrases, etc.


Arabic Vocabulary Guide - Includes a database of useful words in Arabic, categorized by themes, and includes grammar as well.


Archive for Arabic-Info - Searchable archive of the mailing list for different dates.


The Development of Classical Arabic - Account of the development of the language in pre-Islamic and early Islamic times.


Falooka - Enjoy free student access for both MSA and Egyptian Colloquial. Use as a simplified reference or experience the 9-level program. Watch the video, read the lesson then download the relevant podcast.


Fundamentals of Classical Arabic - Traditional islamic learning based on the Quran and Sunnah.


Gulf Arabic Language Profile - Linguistic affiliation, language variation, orthography, linguistic sketch, and role in society and history of Gulf Arabic.


Islamic Dictionary - A concise list of Arabic terms used for Islamic concepts, with citation links to the Koran.


MasterArabic - Lessons for Beginners - Includes a series of simple, clear lessons that will help the English-speaking beginner learn the Arabic language, from grammar to vocabulary.


Names of Arabic Origin in Spain, Portugal, and the Americas - Shows the Arabic origin of geographical names in Spain, Portugal, and the Americas; also shows some every-day words of Arabic origin.


Arabic Dictionary and Translation Links

Al Misbar : Translation - English words translated into Arabic. Includes various options.


Arabic Dictionaries - Word, phrase or acronym finder in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.


Effel's Arabic Dictionary - Freeware application for fast lookup of words. Also features grammar help.


Simple English - Arabic Dictionary - Dictionary to teach yourself Arabic language in an Egyptian accent. Suitable for tourists and tourism.


Arabic Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

A list of Arabic language dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other general reference aids.


Arabic News in Arabic

Al-Ayyam - from Yemen
News from Arabic Countries
Al-Ayam - from Bahrain
Al-Quds - from Palestine
As-Safir - in PDF Format - from Lebanon
Al-Khabar - in PDF Format - from Algeria
Al-Watan - from USA
Al-Watan - from Kuwait
Al-Watan -from Oman

Arabic News in English

Daily Business & Financial News - from USA
Ain-Al-Yaqeen - from USA
CNN Middle East - from USA
TheDailyStar - from Lebanon
Middle East Economic Survey - from Cyprus
Monday Morning - from Lebanon
Gulf News
Sahafa Online

ONLINE TV & Radio & Arabic real Audio Sources

Aljazeera channel - Qatar TV
BBC World Service - Arabic
Deutsche Welle:Arabic
Radio Oman - Live (Real Audio) - Arabic News
Radio Tunis Live
Radio Tunis Real Audio Recorded Qur'an Suras
Quran Suras with RealAudiorealplyr.gif



Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA)

L'institut Du Monde Arabe: English section

MESA (Middle East Studies Association) 








Radio Cairo - Egypt

Radio Amman - Jordan


Egyptian Search Engine

Saudi Links


Arabic Press


Arabic Music Links

The following are some of the best web sites on Arabic music, each with an extensive links page:

The Oud Website by David Parfitt - Oud Links

Arab Classical Music Society by Issa Boulos - Links

Oud Web by Gregor Schaefer - Arabian and Middle Eastern Music Links

Turath by Sami Asmar - Resources

Al Mashriq by Børre Ludvigsen - Arabic Music Song and Dance Links from Le Club Bachraf - Links

Arabic Music Page from - List of sites

Mike's Oud Website - Links

Oud Home Page from KAI Records - Links

Oriental Tunes Top Oriental Music - Links

Zeryab - The largest collection of Arabic music samples

IraqiArt - A great collection of Iraqi Traditional Music

Oud Cafe by Mavrothis Kontanis - Favourite Links - Music Reference Page

Sami Abu Shumays - Arabic Violinist

Personal Performances - Podcasts about Arabic Music.

Arabic Computing, Surfing the Arabic Web, and Translating


Arabicizing Your Computer (link fixed January 11, 2007) by al-Husein N. Madhany in PDF format (which is an updated an enhanced version of the original); and an older version of the same article and in html is Arabic Windows (html) and in MSWord format is Arabic Windows (.doc format) (revised May, 2004). I highly recommend this article to anyone who wishes to fully take advantage of the Arabic that is found on the web as well as any other Arabic computing possibilities. See also Dr. Madhany's power point presentation about Arabicizing Windows.


Arabic Keyboard Layout This is especially useful for reminding one of where characters that are not commonly used are located, such as short vowels and case markers.


Web-based Translation of Arabic This is a computerized automatic translation service provided for free by Systran. Although rudimentary, it is still useful. Go to the box at the bottom of the screen that first appears, hit the down arrow and select Arabic to English.


The Arabic MacIntosh A comprehensive page for Arabic computing on a Mac.


Aramedia Group sells numerous Arabic software packages, including comprehensive searchable collections of hadith, as well as the Qur'an in Arabic with various Arabic commentaries and recited by some of the premier reciters of the Muslim world. has many different software packages for both Arabic word processing as well as Arabic language learning. (Link fixed, January 9, 2005.)


Links for Arabic Language and Culture


Information on the Arabic Script and Its History at the website of


Teach Yourself to Read Arabic a free service from the DurusulQuran Website. It is helpful to expand the window to the full size of your screen by clicking on the "expand windows" icon at the top righthand corner of your screen (in Windows).


On-Line Arabic Instruction You can learn the Arabic alphabet and some rudimentary Arabic for free from the first level of this site, which includes good quality sound from Real Audio, where you can download the current version of RealPlayer for free (link fixed 18 August, 2005). Lessons 6-9 of the first level introduce the Arabic script. After you get RealPlayer, you can hear the sound of each letter of the Arabic alphabet by clicking on it. To repeat the sound, click on the right-pointing arrow on RealPlayer.


Learning the Arabic Alphabet Although lacking sound, this is an otherwise comprehensive site for learning how to read the Arabic alphabet.


Dialogs from Let's Learn Arabic, the "proficiency" based textbook by Roger Allen of the University of Pennsylvania. You will need RealAudio for this.


My Arabic Teacher 2.1 is a CD-ROM designed by Shaykh Muhammad al-Akili to teach Arabic grammar using examples from the Qur'an and other classical Islamic Arabic texts.

Arabic Calligraphy, a four-part article by the calligrapher Mamoun Sakkal.

The Six Major Scripts of Arabic Calligraphy (link fixed 26 December, 2005)


The Qur'an: Arabic text and recitation The recitation is by Shaykh Khalil al-Husari and is considered to be ideal for learning the proper pronunciation of the Qur'an. Because of the importance of Qur'anic Arabic to Modern Standard Arabic, students of MSA will find this to be a useful learning tool. Real Audio 3.0 is needed in order to hear this.


American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA) contains information and links concering various publications, programs of study, opportunities (jobs and grants), software, on-line discussion groups (listservs), and other web sites in the field of Arabic Studies. (Fixed 17 November 2002.)


 LingNet (Defense Language Institute) Arabic site (link fixed 26 December 2005).


Arabic Language and Culture

Lane's Arabic-Engish Lexicon on CD-ROM Now available from Fons Vitae Press, this is a necessity for the library of anyone who is serious about studying classical Arabic and Islam.


Arabic Tutorials

The Golden Advice Regarding The Proper Manner Of Learning The Arabic Language
Arabic Grammar Tutorial
Learn to Read the Qur'an in 10 Lessons
Arabic Lessons - Vocabulary
Arabic Alphabet Online
Some Quran Suras with Latin Alphabet & RealAudio Help for Western Readers who are learning to read the Quran
Learning to read Yaseen Sura with tajweed
Arabic Pronounciation Help
Babel Arabic Tutorials
Beyond Nouns and Verbs - PDF file (pages 56-65)
The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
Test Your Arabic Knowledge - Online Quiz
Arabic Voweling Problem Sets - Interactive Tutorial

Arabic Words and Their English Meanings

Language of the Bakahs
Urdu-English Dictionary includes many Arabic words
Basic Vocabulary
Useful Arabic Questions & Answers by Syrian
Common Arabic Phrases by Syrians
Qur'anic Words list
Quranic Word a day

My Arabic Grammar Tutorials

Arabic Pronouns
Arabic Sentence
Arabic Tenses
Arabic Tenses: The Perfect Tense:example verb - akala
Arabic Tenses: The Present Tense:example verb - kataba
Arabic Strong Verbs & Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of initial letter being weak, e.g., wajada, wa'Ada
Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of middle letter being weak, e.g., baa'A, jaa'A, saara, kaana, raway, sawiya
Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of last letter being weak, e.g., qara'a, bada'a
Arabic Doubled Verbs - example verbs: wadda and shakka

FORMS : derived forms of the verbs

Introduction to Forms and Form1 verbs


Arabic Search


Arab Sites Search