DOE 410 Architecture Studio


Some reference materials for this course will be stored in electronic form and will be accessible through the World Wide Web, a global hypermedia environment that interconnects information located throughout the Internet. Information is accessible by means of various client software, including Mosaic, the Internet-based global hypermedia browser for Windows, Macintosh, and X-terminals. Mosaic can not only be used from any of the platforms mentioned above, but it can also display information in a number of formats, including text, images, sound, and video. Mosaic allows you to navigate through this information by means of hyperlinks: links that connect information in one form and in one location with information in any other form or location on the Internet.

Course Schedule

The following is an example of an image-based hyperlink: when you click on one of the images below, another image is displayed.

The following is an example of a text based hyperlink: when you click on a section of the underlined text below, you are taken to the location of further information on that topic.

Patrick A. George