Sigurd Lewerentz (1885-1975)


In his study of Plecnik, Colin St. John Wilson notes that "...whereas in his early work, Lewerentz was a master of the Classical language of architecture, in his later work (notably in the churches at Bjoerkhagen and Klippan) he totally rejected that language and yet produced buildings of great authority, propriety and emotional impact." ["The Dilemma of Classicism," in The Dilemma of Classicism, p. 8]. Wilson is here referring to the Church of Saint Mark, Bjoerkhagen, Sweden (1956-1960), and the Church of Saint Peter, Klippan, Sweden (1963-66).

Hakon Ahlberg describes the church of St. Mark at Bjoerkhagen, the competition for which Lewerentz won, as " entirely personal work, authentic to the architecture of Lewerentz as a whole and in every detail." ["Sigurd Lewerentz," in The Dilemma of Classicism, p. 47].

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fig. 1: Church of St. Mark, Bjoerkhagen; fig. 2: Church of St. Peter, Klippan.

List of Illustrations

fig. 1: "Entrance Canopy." The Dilemma of Classicism, p. 60.
leweCSM00.GIF [bw, K].

fig. 2: "Facade with window detail." The Dilemma of Classicism, p. 76.
leweCSP00.GIF [bw, K].


Sigurd Lewerentz (1885-1975), The Dilemma of Classicism. Alison and Peter Smithson, Colin St. John Wilson, and Hakon Ahlberg, eds. London: Architectural Association, 1989.

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