Jehnna Lewis

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BA/MA, The University Professors Program @ Boston University
Graduate Student
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Cultural Linguistics, Twentieth Century Literature
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Jehnna Lewis is a second-year student at Penn. She earned a BA/MA dual-degree in Cultural Linguistics in the University Professors Program at Boston University, culminating in a master's thesis focused on revisiting the concept of linguistic relativism entitled "Sapir and Whorf Reexamined." She also served as an Undergraduate Researcher there during the summer of 2008 translating German pyschiatric texts of the 1840s, and followed this project with a semester abroad enrolling in classes at the Technische Universität in Dresden, Germany.

Her research interests are grounded in a cultural-linguistic, humanist study of language. This includes a specific focus on the historiographic foundations of linguistic relativism, found in the works of Herder, Hamann, and Wilhelm von Humboldt; and it also provides a foundation from which she studies twentieth century German culture.