Nicholas Theis

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B.A., Austin College; M.A., University of Pennsylvania
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: 
18th-century literature, philosophy, aesthetics
Genre theory, history of Enlightenment, translation studies
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Nicholas Theis is in his sixth year of graduate studies at Penn. His research spans 17th- to 19th-century literature, philosophy, science, and aesthetics, with an emphasis on literary genre.

Nick is currently (2014) at Universität Bielefeld, where he recieved a grant from the DAAD to continue researching and writing his dissertation, "Epic, Enlightenment, and the Empowerment of the German Mind: Versified Legitimacy from Leibniz to Goethe."

Nick is also co-editing with Dan DiMassa and Professors Catriona MacLeod and Bethany Wiggin a forthcoming volume from the conference Un/Translatables Across Germanic Langauges and CulturesHe is also assisting Professor Bethany Wiggin in preparing a collected volume from "Envisioning the 'Old World': Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg and Imperial Projects in Pennsylvania"