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[TXT]Barnabas' Isaiah Text and the Testimony Book Hypothesis (raw)16-Feb-1996 21:36 50K
[TXT]Review of P.Prigent on Testimonia and Barnabas16-Feb-1996 21:36 20K
[TXT]Two Ways, Form & Function (draft)22-Feb-1999 23:54 13K
[TXT]Barnabas' Isaiah Text and Melito's Paschal Homily16-Feb-1996 21:36 11K
[TXT]A Note on the Oracle of Rebecca (Gen 25.23)16-Feb-1996 21:36 8.9K
[TXT]Dissertation Precis: Barnabas' Quotations and their Sources16-Feb-1996 22:10 2.0K

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