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[TXT]Barnabas Introduction & Translation10-Jan-2001 00:58 203K
[TXT]The Didache 6.3-end: Commentary (raw)16-Feb-1996 22:05 21K
[TXT]The Didache 6.3-end: Textual Notes (raw)16-Feb-1996 22:04 2.7K
[TXT]The Didache 6.3-end: Translation (raw)16-Feb-1996 22:01 13K
[TXT]Introduction to the Didache16-Feb-1996 21:56 45K
[TXT]Barnabas & the Didache (book)16-Feb-1996 21:49 387K
[TXT]Notes and Translation: The Two Ways Section16-Feb-1996 21:42 89K
[TXT]Introduction to the Two Ways Material in Barnabas and Didache16-Feb-1996 21:41 33K

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