Surat was the Mughal Empire's most important port city, and is where the British gained their first foothold along the Western Coast of India. For  centuries, Surat  has been  known  as  a  center  of  trade  and  textiles. It  was  a major  port  during  the Mughal  period,  and  all powers  including  the Portuguese  vied  for  power  of  the port. From  the  16th-19th  century,  the British, French, Portuguese  and Dutch  established  factories  in Surat. Today, Surat  is  known  for  itís  textiles,  with  thousands  of  weavers  engrossed  in making  cotton,  synthetic,  silk  and  art  silk  textiles.


Image: The City of Surat on the West Coast of India along the River Tapi. 17th century engraving.


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