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The Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania cordially invites you to attend our Italian Studies Colloquium series dedicated to presenting Penn faculty research on subjects relating to the literature, art, history, and culture of Italy, past and present.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Italian Switzerland:
A Model for Europe?

Jonathan Steinberg
Department of History
University of Pennsylvania

Talk: 3:00
Reception: 4:30

History Lounge
209 College Hall
University of Pennsylvania

JONATHAN STEINBERG is the Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History at the University of Pennsylvania and former Chair of the Department of History. In 1992 he served as an expert witness in a Commonwealth of Australia War Crimes prosecution. He gave the biennial Leslie Stephen Lecture on 25 November, 1999 in the Senate House, Cambridge University, with the title "Leslie Stephen and Derivative Immortality". He was the principal author of "The Deutsche Bank and its Gold Transactions during the Second World War". He is the author of Yesterday's Deterrent: Tirpitz and the Birth of the German Battle Fleet (1965), Why Switzerland? (2 nd ed.1996) and All or Nothing: The Axis and the Holocaust, 1941 to 1943 (classic edition 2002). In 2003 his translation of Hitler's Dancers: German Modern Dance and the Third Reich by Lillian Karina and, Marion Kant, was published by Berghahn Books of New York and Oxford, England. His European History and European Lives: 1715 to 1914, a series of 36 recorded lectures, has been published by the Teaching Company [] in audio and visual form. On November 25, 2003, he delivered a lecture on his father, Rabbi Milton Steinberg, called "Milton Steinberg, American Rabbi - Thoughts on his Centenary" at Hillel, The University of Pennsylvania. He gave the main address at the annual dinner of the Lower Merion and Narbeth Democratic Association in April, 2004. In November 2004, he was Visiting Scholar at Manhattan College.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Imagining the Futurist Metropolis:
Boccioni's 'The City Rises'

Christine Poggi
Department of History of Art
University of Pennsylvania

Reception: 5:00 pm
Talk: 5:30 pm

Cherpack Lounge
543 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania

CHRISTINE POGGI has been teaching twentieth century art and theory since she arrived at Penn in 1987. Prof. Poggi's research and teaching focus on avant-garde movements and critical debates in twentieth century art. Her book, In Defiance of Painting: Cubism, Futurism, and the Invention of Collage (Yale 1992) analyzes Picasso and Braque's invention of collage and constructed sculpture and their interest in the relation of word and image. In her more recent work, she has become interested in the fate of Cubism and collage during World War I and in Picasso's ironic citation of classical sources and styles. She has also returned to the study of Futurism in two recent publications: These include an article titled Dreams of Metallized Flesh: Futurism and the Masculine Body, Modernism/Modernity , and an article on the Italian art journal Lacerba, which was associated with the Futurists and promoted the rise of Fascism. Her most significant project is a book, tentatively titled Modernity as Trauma: The Cultural Politics of Italian Futurism .