The Center for Italian Studies
at the University of Pennsylvania


Italian, University of Strathclyde, (Glasgow)

who will present

Sciascia's Detective Story:
Variations of a Theme


Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

Cherpack Lounge
543 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania

Reception: 5:30 pm
Talk: 6:00 pm

Joseph Farrell is Professor and Head of the Department of Italian at the University of Strathclyde, (Glasgow).

1) Authored books:
- Leonardo Sciascia, (Edinburgh University Press, 1995)
- Dario Fo and Franca Rame: Harlequins of the Revolution. (London, Methuen, 2001)

2) Edited books:
- Understanding the mafia, (Manchester University Press, 1997).   Collection of writings on the mafia, with introduction, notes, glossary of mafia terms and vocabulary by me.
- Carlo Goldoni and Eighteenth-Century Theatre, (New York, Edwin Mellen Press. 1997), with introduction pp.1-9, and one chapter, pp.193-219, by me.
- (With Antonio Scuderi), Dario Fo: Stage, Text, and Tradition, (Carbondale, Southern Illinois U P, 2000). Contains ten essays on Fo. The introduction (pp. 1-17), plus two chapters (pp 80-101 and pp. 197-211) are by me.
- From the Tweed to the Tiber: Literary Travels in Italy and Scotland. (Edinburgh, Italian Cultural Institute, 2000.) An pamphlet containing an anthology of writings by Italian writers in Scotland and Scottish writers in Italy.
- Accidental Death of an Anarchist, (London, Methuen, 2003). Introduction and notes by me.
- Primo Levi: The Austere Humanist, (Oxfrd, Peter Lang, 2004). Anthology of essays, with introduction and one chapter by me.
- Six Characters in Seach of an Author, (London, Methuen, 2004). Introduction and notes by me.

3) Translations
A) Books:
- Tricks of the Trade, (London, Methuen, 1991: New York, Macmillan, 1992) Translation of Manuale minimo dell’attore, by Dario Fo. With introduction by me.
- A Straightforward Tale and The Knight and Death (Manchester, Carcanet, 1991; New York, Knopf, 1992) - translation of two novels by Leonardo Sciascia. With afterword, pp.159-167, by me.
- The Smile of the Unkown Mariner, (Manchester, Carcanet, 1994) - translation of Il sorriso dell’ignoto marinaio by Vincenzo Consolo. With afterword, pp.121-131, by me.
- Take-Off, (London, Harvill, 1996) - translation of  Staccando l’ombra da terra,  by Daniele Del Giudice.
- The Perfect Jesuit, (London, Penguin, March 2001) - translation of Il gesuita perfetto, by Furio Monicelli.
- My Early Life, (To be published by Methuen, 2005) – translation of Il paese dei mezzarat by Dario Fo

B) Published Drama:
- An Ordinary Day, (London, Methuen, 1990) - translation of  the play Una giornata qualunque, by Dario Fo.
- The Virtuous Burglar,  (London, Methuen, 1993) - translation of Non tutti i ladri vengono per nuocere, by Dario Fo.
- Bodies in the Post and Women in the Nude, (in Comparative Criticism, volume 17, C.U.P. 1995) - translation of I cadaveri si spediscono e le donne si spogliano, by Dario Fo.

C) Drama in Performance:
- An Ordinary Day, and The Virtuous Burglar, - translation of two plays by Dario Fo. Staged by Borderline Theatre Company, 1989
- Mistero buffo - editing and adaptation of translation by Ed Emery of play by Dario Fo. Original prefaces to the individual scenes written by me in conjunction with director. Staged by Borderline Theatre Company, 1990.
- Mistero buffo, version of above, televised by BBC 2, 1990.
- His Lordship’s Fancy, - translation of Il feudatario by Carlo Goldoni. Staged by The Gate Company, London, 1994.
- Nineteenhundred  - translation of Alessandro Baricco’s Novecento. Staged by Theatre de Quat’Sous (Montreal) at Edinburgh Festival, 2001

D) Cinema:
- (Co-translator and consultant) Nineteenhundred - The Legend of the Ocean Pianist, 1999, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.
- Leningrad, film by Giuseppe Tornatore, to be shot in English, 2004/05.