Department of Romance Languages
Center for Italian Studies
at the University of Pennsylvania



Italian, Cambridge University (England)


who will present

New Penguin Dante:
Translating the Commedia for the Twenty-First Century


Friday, September 16th, 2005

Cherpack Lounge - 543 Williams Hall
255 South 36th Street
University of Pennsylvania

Reception at 5:00 pm
Talk at 5:30 pm


Professor Robin Kirkpatrick is currently completing a translation of Dante's Comedy for Penguin Books (thus succeeding the long-lived translation of Dorothy L. Sayers). In this workshop presentation, Prof. Kirkpatrick will discuss strategies, styles, and problematics of translating Dante's great poem. The audience will be encouraged to follow along and join in: there will be a handout, with special reference to Inferno 24, 3-18; Inferno 32, 1-38; Purgatorio 4, 97-139; Purgatorio 28, 1-43; Paradiso 2, 58-111; Paradiso 33, 124-45.