Center for Italian Studies
Cinema Studies Program
at the University of Pennsylvania


Italian and Cinema Studies, University of Pennsylvania

who will talk on

Cinema, Philosophy, and Dance:
The Case of Fellini's "Saraghina"

6:00 pm

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Vance Hall
Room - B1
University of Pennsylvania

Millicent Marcus is Mariano DiVito Professor of Italian Studies and Undergraduate Chair for Italian Studies in the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of An Allegory of Form: Literary Self-Consciousness in 'The Decameron' (Stanford French and Italian Studies, l979), Italian Film in the Light of Neorealism (Princeton, l986), Filmmaking by the Book: Italian Cinema and Literary Adaptation (Johns Hopkins, l993), and After Fellini: National Cinema in the Postmodern Age (Johns Hopkins, 2002), as well as journal articles and encyclopedia entries on her fields of interest. Because literacy in the 21st century must be broadened to include the mass media as well as the written text, she brings a cultural studies approach to her teaching and research. She is currently completing a project entitled "Return of the Repressed: Italian Cinema and Holocaust Memory".