Un pilota ritorna (A Pilot Returns, 1942)

Gino Rosati, a young lieutenant of the Italian air force, is part of a squad that leads bombing missions on the Greek front during WWII. During one mission his plane is downed and he becomes a prisoner of the British. Despite escape efforts, he eventually joins other Italian prisoners of war, some of whom he knows, in a British camp.

In an effort to get medical attention for one of his fellow comrades, Gino meets Anna, the daughter of an Italian doctor. While assisting in an operation on his friend, Gino is impressed by Annaís courage in the operating room and in the face of the enemy. Just when the beginnings of a love affair are hinted between the two, the English take their war prisoners and civilian hostages and retreat. The journey is tiring and treacherous as their caravan is attacked by German soldiers. The Italian soldiers and the Greek civilians seek protection in a stone shelter from bombing raids above.

As the walls of the shelter crumble away from the force of the bombs, Gino makes a promise to return for Anna as soon as he can but now, as the British gave up guarding him, he must flee. As a symbol of his promise her gives Anna his fatherís gold watch, his good luck charm. Gino runs from the shelter and, when scaling a wall, spots a grounded plane. Running through heavy bullet fire aimed at him, he reaches an enemy plane and takes off. Landing safely in Italy he is happily greeted by his comrades and learns that the English forces have surrendered.

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