Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

Picture postcard of Eliezer Ben-Yehudah, credited with reviving Hebrew as a modern spoken language, poring over his books. The Paola and Bertrand Lazard Holy Land postcard collection.

Loading of Wheat in the Emek

Loading of wheat in the Emek [Jezreel Valley], 1936. The Jewish Agency included this extraordinary image in an album given to General Waulkhope on his departure at the end of his term as high commissioner for Palestine (Feb. 1938). Lenkin Family Collection of Photography.

Port of Jaffa

Photographed by L. Fiorillo. Lenkin Family Collection.

Haifa Postcard

Haifa bay, a view from the Carmel Mountain, circa 1960 

Abraham's House

Illustration of the patriarch Abraham hosting three guests depicted in early modern northern European garb. This scene of hospitality and sociability (based on Genesis18:1-10) is found in the The Zucker Holy Land Travel Manuscript but was copied from Matthias Merian's Icones Biblicae (Frankfurt, ca. 1525-1530).


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