Student Research Presentations in Jewish Studies

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 4:30pm - 6:00pm
209 College Hall

Please join us as students share their research. Free Pizza for All!! 

The student presenters are:

Jacob Chefitz, "The 1924 Anglo-American Treaty on Palestine: The British Perspective on America’s Role in the Palestine Mandate, 1920-1924"
Rachel Eisenstadt, "In Every Generation: The Twentieth Century Ideological Evolution of the Workmen’s Circle Education Department"
Leanne Gale, "Invisible Boundaries: The Unintended Consequences of Joint Israeli-Palestinian Nonviolent Activism"
Sam Greenberg, "Evolving Fundamentalism: A Darwinian Perspective on Post-Statist Ideology in Israel"
Arielle Herzberg, "Ignaz Zollschan: An Insider’s View of Early Twentieth Century Racial Science and Zionism"
Max Levy, "Shmuel Alexandrov and the Making of a Modern Russian Jewish Philosophy"
Adin Pearl, "Salud y Shalom: Perspectives on Jewish Identity in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade"
Maya Spitzer, "The Other Pro-Israel Lobby: The Mearsheimer and Walt Controversy and the Rise of J Street"

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