The Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference at Princeton University

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Conference Schedule


(9:00-9:30) Breakfast
(9:30-9:45) Welcome and Opening Remarks
(9:45-11:00) 1st Session: Judaism and Christianity: Interpretive Divergences
“Ba’al Mum”: Towards Kabbalist Models of Disabilities, Yakov Ellenbogen (Yeshiva University)
Chosen People, Promised Land: Judeo-Christian Leitmotivs in Nazi Propaganda, Carolyn Beard (Princeton University)
Jerusalem and the Rear Panel of the Franks Casket, Yoni Schoenberg (Princeton University)

(11:15-12:30) 2nd Session: The Making of Modern Judaism
Ayzehu Gever: Haredi Draft Aversion and the War for Jewish Masculinity, Yehuda Fogel (Yeshiva University)
Religious Experience in Light of Inductive Science, Yoni Nouriel (Herzog College)
Jewish Identities and Anti-Semitism in the Second Wave Feminist Movement, Hannah Fagin (University of Pennsylvania)

 Lunch Break
(2:00-3:15) 3rd Session: Communities and their Boundaries
The Re-Education of Conversos in 17th Century Amsterdam, Tzvi Aryeh Benoff (Yeshiva University)
Schisms in the Jewish community: Comparing Second Temple Sects with 19th century European Movements, Avi Mendelson (University of Michigan)
The image of the Eastern European Jew in the making of German-Jewish identity, 1850-1914, David Rubinstein (Middlebury College)

(3:30-4:45) 4th Session: Rabbinic Interactions
From Beyond the Curtain: The Living, the Lively Dead, and Unstable Boundaries in the Talmudic Graveyard, Adina Goldman (Northwestern University)
Where Command Meets Sin: ​Mitzva Haba’a Ba’aveira in Two Talmuds, Yael Lilienthal (Princeton University)
Empiricism and the Halachic Tradition: Rabbi Jacob Emden’s Complex Relationship to Medicine and Jewish Tradition, Joshua Glahn (University of Pennsylvania)

(4:45-5:00)    Break

 Keynote Address: Opinions, Deeds, and the Rise of Talmudic Culture, Prof. Moulie Vidas (Princeton University, Dept. of Religion)

(6:15) Dinner for conference presenters and organizers

Moulie Vidas joined the faculty of Princeton’s Religion Department in 2012. His recent publications include Tradition and the Formation of the Talmud (Princeton University Press, 2014) and a collection of essays, co-edited with Catherine Chin, titled Late Ancient Knowing: Explorations in Intellectual History (University of California Press, 2015). He serves on the editorial boards of the book series Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism and The Journal of Religion in the Roman Empire. He is currently working on a book titled The Emergence of Talmudic Culture: Scholarship and Religion in Late Ancient Palestine.

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