With the collection of some of the best Judaeo-Arabic scholars in the world currently housed at CAJS, it is proposed to organiz a collective introduction to Judaeo-Arabic for our Islamic studies graduate students, to be offered in the spring, to be held 2 hours per week. We envision a course in which there would be a 2-week introduction to orthographic peculiarities, and then a different instructor from among the star-studded cast at CAJS each week, introducing the students to reading texts in the instructors' respective specialties. This is an unrepeatable opportunity for our graduate students to learn to read Judaeo-Arabic, and also to survey the entirety of the field, from Arabic Bible translation to Geniza documents, in a way that would otherwise be impossible, except perhaps at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It would expand their horizons, enable them to do comparative work, and also enhance their attractiveness as scholars and teachers to prospective employers.
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