JWST556 - GIANTS OF HEBREW LIT: The Giants of Hebrew Literature

This course is for students who are interested in taking a literature course in Hebrew and are proficient in it. Grading is based primarily on students' literary understanding. There will be four 2-page written assignments over the course of the semester. We will discuss literary works that reflect Israelis' struggle with their national identity, from the patriotic 1948 generation for whom self and country overlapped to contemporary writers who ask what it means to be Israeli. While Yehuda Amichai's 1955 poem "I want to die in my bed" was a manifesto for individualism, the seemingly interminable Arab-Israeli conflict returned writers to the national, social, and political arenas starting in the 1980's. Readings include poems by Natan Alterman, Amir Gilboa, Meir Wieseltier and Roni Somek as well as ficition by Amos Oz, David Grossman, Sayed Kashua, Alona Kimhi and Etgar Keret. Texts, discussions and papers in Hebrew. The content of This course changes from year to year so students may take it for credit more than once.
Section 401 - SEM

TR 1030AM-1200PM



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