In this course we will explore how the Bible comes to life on the silver screen. For millennia the Bible has been subject to various forms of interpretation all aimed at extracting meaning from this essentially multi-vocal text. Transferring an ancient text like the Bible to a contemporary medium like film requires a similar process of interpretation as modern audiences expect to be presented with a meaningful movie that contains a relevant plot. In order to illustrate the selective process by which biblical narratives are turned into Hollywood epics, we will avail ourselves of biblical criticism and film theory. A close reading of biblical texts in conjunction with the movies they inspired will help us appreciate the rich nature of storytelling in the Bible. Furthermore, it will allow us to explore the different ways in which the message of the Bible can be made relevant in a largely secular society. In this course we will watch David and Bathsheba, The Ten Commandments, Samson and Delilah, Ruth, The Prince of Egypt, Exodus, Noah and many others.
Section 401 - SEM

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