This undergraduate seminar uses the case study of the Israeli news media in order to illustrate one of the most important lessons for the analysis of news processes and news products: how to stop thinking about the media as a monolithic entity and to adopt instead a more contextual, nuanced, domain-specific focus on news beats. The seminar is based on a combination of reading, discussion and a series of live Skype interviews with nine Israeli national news reporters in fields such as politics, business, the Arab world and Jerusalem affairs. These and other news beats constitute unique micro-cultures or subuniverses , each of which has its own standards, norms, dynamics, pressures and power relations. In each beat, journalists can develop interactional expertise in the reported matters. Their standards of knowledge and expertise are becoming especially consequential in this era of crisis in the media, when fewer news organizations have fewer resources, and reporters have less time and less encouragement to investigate what they report on, and during which new modes of knowledge and expertise continue to emerge as digital technologies advance.
Section 401 - SEM

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