This course introduces undergraduates and graduate students to one specific Book of the Hebrew Bible. "The Bible in Translation" involves an in-depth reading of a biblical source against the background of contemporary scholarship. Depending on the book under discussion, this may also involve a contextual reading with other biblical books and the textual sources of the ancient Near East. Although no prerequisites are required, NELC 250 is a perfect follow-up course for NELC 150 "Intro to the Bible."
Section 401 - SEM
Fall 2018: BOOK OF KINGS Who is responsible for the recording of biblical battles and conquests? Can we confirm historical events depicted in the Hebrew Bible through archaeology or other sources? How do the existing biblical and non-biblical accounts match up and what can we learn from the differences? In this course, we will tackle these questions by studying selected passages in the Book of Kings and comparing the biblical historiographical account to ancient inscriptions and artifacts.
TR 1200PM-0130PM


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