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Purchasing and Reimbursement Guidelines
Faculty Research Fund Guidelines   Penn Travel Agency Booking Procedures   Purchasing and Payment Guidelines

Reimbursement for Miscellaneous Purchases Guidelines   Travel Reimbursement Guidelines   Entertainment/Business Meal Reimbursement Guidelines

Faculty Research Fund Guidelines

The use of Faculty Research Funds policy has been recently updated and may be read here:
Use of Faculty Research Funds in the School of Arts and Sciences


Penn Preferred Travel Agency Booking Procedures

  • Premiere Travel Procedures   -Word Document
  • World Travel Procedures  -Word Document
  • Direct link to Penn Preferred Travel Agencies

    Purchasing and Payment Guidelines

    Purchases and payments should be made by the department. The goal is to minimize miscellaneous reimbursements for purchased items (NOTE: These rules DO NOT apply to Travel and Entertainment reimbursement requests.).

    All purchase and payment requests can be made through your department administrator, using the Payment, Purchase, Misc. Reimbursement Request Form.

  • Computer purchases: Computers MUST be purchased via University purchase order or Computer Connection requisition.

  • Computer Connection and Bookstore purchases: Purchases from these vendors MUST be made via either Computer Connection or Bookstore requisition or University purchase order.

  • Professional membership and journal subscription renewals and book purchases. These payments can usually be made directly by a department administator using the University Mastercard.

  • Office supplies: These purchases should be made by the business office via University purchase order.

  • Payments to Consultants/Independent Contractors: THESE PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY THE BUSINESS OFFICE. PENN EMPLOYEES SHOULD NEVER PAY THE CONSULTANT DIRECTLY AND THEN REQUEST REIMBURSEMENT. For payments to US citizens, the following is required from the payee: an ORIGINAL Independent Contractor Determination and Certification form, a W-9 form, and an invoice. For payments to foreign nationals for services performed in their home country, the following is required: an ORIGINAL Certification of Foreign Source Income Form, a W-8 and an invoice.

    Reimbursement for Miscellaneous Purchases Guidelines

  • Books may be reimbursed with original receipts that show payment through the Concur Reimbursement System
  • Petty Cash can be used to reimburse local travel, local meals (not involving alcohol), and other small purchases not made at the Penn Bookstore or Computer Connection.
  • All other supplies must be purchased through your department using preferred vendors and will not be reimbursed.

    Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

    To be reimbursed for travel, business meals, and entertainment; all active Faculty, Staff, and Students, should use   the Concur Reimbursement System

    Reimbursement of travel expenses to anyone else will be made only upon the submission of a signed, fully completed and approved Guest Travel Reimbursement (GTR) Worksheet signed by the traveler.

  • Name of Payee: Full name of payee.
  • Social Security Number: Social security number of payee.
  • Payee Address: Should be current and accurate.
  • Purpose of Trip: A brief description of the trip.
  • Beginning Date: Beginning date of trip.
  • Ending Date: Ending date of trip.
  • Destinations: The location(s) (city, state, country) where the official business was conducted.
  • Signature of Payee: Original signature of payee.

    Note: When listing expenses, an individual should list only those expenses for which they want to be reimbursed. Example: If you have receipts for $1,500 worth of expenses, but want to be reimbursed for $1,000 only, list just $1,000 worth of expenses.

  • Breakdown of Expenses: Each expense must be broken down by day into the appropriate category, EXCEPT for airline, rail, bus tickets and car rental expenses, which may be entered as total amounts.

  • Per Diem: Travelers may be reimbursed for meals on a per diem basis which may not exceed the rate established by the federal government. Click here for domestic per diem rates or click here for foreign per diem rates.

  • Other: Other travel expenses such as registration must be identified and entered, if paid by the Payee. If registration was paid by the University, do not list it.

  • Business Meal Expense incurred during a trip: When entertaining during the course of a business trip, the following information is required: date of business meal, place/location of entertainment, itemized list of person(s) entertained, affiliation of person(s) entertained (e.g. professor, graduate student, guest speaker), home institution or business of person(s) entertained, business purpose of event, and amount.
    Individuals traveling and/or entertaining on official University business are required to submit dated original receipts for all travel and/or entertainment related expenses of $25.00 or more.

    Acceptable Receipts:
  • For airline and rail travel, the original passenger receipt. If using an "E" ticket, some documentation that shows proof of payment. A credit card receipt alone is not acceptable for this purpose.

  • For lodging, the original, itemized hotel bill showing proof of payment. A credit card receipt is not acceptable for this purpose.

  • For meals, local transportation, etc., a credit card charge form or original bill indicating payment. An itemized receipt is required.

    Entertainment/Business Meal Reimbursement Guidelines

    A business meal/entertainment expense occurs when a University employee entertains business associates, professional colleagues, students and others over a meal during which a business discussion takes place. Costs related to business meals/entertainment should be reasonable and the choice of restaurant should reflect the nature of the function. Meal claims must be itemized and any meal costing $25.00 or more must be supported by original receipts.

    For Penn Students, Facutly and Staff:
    Please use the Concur Reimbursement System

    PROCEDURES For People not affliated with Penn:
    Reimbursement of entertainment and business meal expenses will be made only upon the submission of a signed, fully completed and approved Guest Travel Reimbursement (GTR) Worksheet signed by the traveler, along with an Entertainment Worksheet   listing the event participants.

    The following information must be provided:
  • Date of business meal;
  • Place/location of business meal;
  • Itemized list of person(s) entertained;
  • Affiliation of person(s) entertained (e.g. professor, graduate student, guest speaker);
  • Home institution or business of person(s) entertained;
  • Business purpose of event; Amount;
  • Original signature of payee.
  • Reimbursement of entertainment and business meals that do not include alcohol that are of $50 or less may be made from departmental petty cash funds. Documentation requirements for petty cash reimbursement should be adhered to. The Petty cash form and the Entertainment form should be filled out for this.

    Non-reimburseable Meals/Entertainment
  • Local business meals with colleagues are not considered a reimbursable expense. However, the determination of reimbursable entertainment and business meal expenses is the responsibility of the appropriate dean, resource center director, vice president, vice provost or department chairperson.

  • Entertainment expenses that are non-reimbursable include parties or meals for birthdays, weddings, births, secretary's day, bosses day, or parties that are not sponsored by the department and made available to all employees.

  • Entertainment expenses may not be reimbursed from federal grants and contracts.
  • Receipt Requirement
  • Itemized meal receipts are required by the travel office. If no itemized receipt is available, that must be indicated. A credit card charge form or the original bill indicating "paid" will be accepted as proper documentation for meal payments. Restaurant tear tabs alone are not acceptable. All receipts must include the name of the supplier, location, date and dollar amount.