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Medieval Events:

September 22, 2011
Medieval - Renaissance Welcome Back to School Reception
(includes a display of recently acquired manuscripts)
Van Pelt Library, 4th Floor Music Library

Sponsored by Van Pelt Library and the Rare Books Collection. The reception is preceded by a lecture by Prof. Amy Hollywood (Harvard Divinity School)

September 22, 2011
Medieval Studies Lecture Series
Prof. Amy Hollywood (Harvard Divinity School)
"Song, Experience, and the Book in Medieval Christian Monasticism"
Class of 1955 Room (Van Pelt Library), 5:15pm

This event is sponsored by Medieval Studies @ Penn and the Religious Studies Department. There will be a reception following the talk. All are welcome.

October 1, 2011
Delaware Valley Medieval Association
Conference at the Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn, Pa.
Organized by Martha Easton (Seton Hall Univ) & Colum Houihane (Index of Christian Art; President, DVMA)

Sandy Bardsley (Moravian College), "Gender, Health, and the Archaeological Record"

Heather Flaherty (Gettysburg College), "Theological Summa or Liber Laicorum? Classifying the Speculum Humanae Salvationis"

Tours of the medieval collections led by Robert A. Maxwell (Univ. Pennsylvania) and Michael Cothren (Swarthmore College)

November 10, 2011
Medieval Studies Lecture Series
Prof. Jeffrey Hamburger (Harvard University)
"Visible Speech: Picturing Scripture in the Prayer Book of Ursula Begerin and the Medieval Tradition of Word Illustration"
Van Pelt Library, Meyerson Conference Room, 5:15pm

This even it sponsored by Medieval Studies @ Penn, History of Art, and Religious Studies. A reception will follow the talk. All are welcome.

December 3, 2011
Delaware Valley Medieval Association
Conference at the Index of Christian Art (Princeton Univ)
Organized by Colum Hourihane (Index of Christian Art; President, DVMA)

Andrea Worm (University of Augsburg), "Sancta Mater Ecclesia. A Catechetic Rendering of the Heavenly Jerusalem"

Mailan Doquang (Princeton University), "Architectural Thresholds in Thirteenth Century France"

Martha Easton (Seton Hall University), "Memory, Mysticism, and Medieval Architecture: Hammond Castle and American Medievalism"

Mildred Budny (Research Group on Manuscript Evidence), "The Holistic Approach is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts: The Added Mark Frontispiece in the Ninth-Century Royal Bible Revisited"

Nino Zchomelidse (Princeton University), "Allegory and Remembrance: Lay Patronage in the Angevin Kingdom"

Beatrice Radden Keefe (Princeton University), "A Pictograph of Terence"

Annemarie Weyl Carr (Southern Methodist University, emeritus), "Naming Images, Venerating Icons in Sylvester Syropoulos' World"

February 2, 2012
Medieval Studies Lecture
Prof. Eric Palazzo (Universite de Poitiers, CESCM)
"The Liturgy and the Five Senses: The Cartulary of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou"
Van Pelt Library, Meyerson Conference Room, 5:15pm

This even it sponsored by Medieval Studies @ Penn, History of Art, and Religious Studies. A reception will follow the talk. All are welcome.

February 18, 2012
Delaware Valley Medieval Association
Conference at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Organized by Adam Miyashiro (Richard Stockton College) & Colum Hourihane (Index of Christian Art; President, DVMA)

Marla Pagan-Mattos, Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania: "The Erasure of a Saintly Genealogy: The Vida de San Millan de la Cogolla of Berceo and the Task of 'tornar en romance'"

Claire Taylor Jones, Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania: "Meister Eckhart's Daughter?"

Aaron Hostetter, Assistant Professor of English, Rutgers University, Camden: "Feeding Aristocratic Identity in Sir Gowther"

David King, Associate Professor of French, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey: "Judicial Duels and Moral Anomie in La Mort le Roi Artu"

Teofilo Ruiz, Professor of History and Spanish, University of California, Los Angeles: "Writing Festivals in Late Medieval Spain"

February 23, 2012
Dept. of Romance Languages Lecture
Prof. Sharon Kinoshina, Univ. California-Santa Cruz
"How to Do Things in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Case for Medieval Mediterranean Literature"
Williams Hall, Cherpack Lounge (Rm 543), 4:00pm

March 1, 2012
Dept. of Romance Languages Lecture
Prof. Alison Cornish, Univ. Michigan
"Dante and Volgarizzamento"
Williams Hall, Cherpack Lounge (Rm 543), 6:00pm

March 17-18, 2012
Medievalists @ Penn, 4th Annual Graduate Student Conference
"Textual Intercourse: Medieval Appropriates and Appropriate of the Medieval"

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Kevin Brownlee (Univ. Pennsylvania)

Program TBD

March 29, 2012
Medieval Studies Lecture
Prof. Scott G. Bruce (University of Colorado-Boulder)
"Hagiography and the Invention of Islam at Cluny"
Van Pelt Library, Meyerson Conference Room, 5:15pm

This even it sponsored by Medieval Studies @ Penn, Religious Studies, History, and the Center for Ancient Studies. A reception will follow the talk. All are welcome.

April 14, 2012
Medieval Studies Lecture
Prof. Therese Gross-Diaz (Loyola University)
Title: TBA
Van Pelt Library, Meyerson Conference Room, 5:15pm

This even it sponsored by Medieval Studies @ Penn, and Religious Studies. A reception will follow the talk. All are welcome.

April 28, 2012
Delaware Valley Medieval Association
Conference at Villanova University
Organized by Colum Hourihane (Index of Christian Art; President, DVMA)
Time TBD

Speakers: TBD

May 7, 2012
Art History Department Lecture
Dr. Vincent Debiais (Universite de Poitiers, CESCM)
"Create and Order Images with Words: Epigraphic Constructions on Romanesque Capitals of Southern France"

Ongoing Lecture Series:

Workshop in the History of Material Texts

Every Monday afternoon, guest speakers present their work on material related to the history of the book, writing, reading, and manuscript culture. The workshop addresses all periods and cultures. Organized by Peter Stallybrass (English) and Roger Chartier (English).

Graduate Medieval/Renaissance Reading Group

A long-standing interdisciplinary gathering of faculty, guests, and advanced graduate students who meet on alternate Wednesdays to discuss a pre-circulated paper, most often a work-in-progress written by a member of the Penn community or an invited speaker. Meetings are held at 5pm in the graduate student lounge in Fisher-Bennett.

2010-2011 Schedule:
October 13--Marcy North (Penn State)
October 27th--CJ Jones (Penn)
November 10th--Carla Mazzio (University of Buffalo)
December 2nd--Patricia Dailey (Columbia)--a Thursday evening meeting, co-hosted with Theorizing
Jan 26--Jeff Dolven (Princeton)
Feb 9--Courtney Rydel (Penn)
March 2--Jen Jahner (Penn)
March 16--Suzanne Conklin Akbari (University of Toronto)
April 13--Molly Murray (Columbia)

Medieval Borders

This group meets several times each year to discuss pre-circulated papers by faculty and advanced graduate students. Organized by Rita Copeland (Comparative Literature/Classical Studies).

Penn Humanities Forum

Each year, the PHF chooses a theme that brings together humanists from all disciplines through lectures, colloquia, and other events. Its theme for the 2010-2011 year is Virtuality, and its complete calendar covers all periods, including some topics interest to medievalists.

Delaware Valley Medieval Assocation

The DVMA brings together faculty, graduate students, and other scholars from two dozen area colleges and universities. It sponsors several lectures and day-long symposia each semester (locations vary). See the group website for details on membership and joining the mailing list.

Recent DVMA meetings:

Transmedieval Techne, September 11, 2010, hosted by the Rare Book Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Larry Scanlon (English-Rutgers), "The Premodern Real"
  • Kathleen E. Kennedy (English- PSU Brandywine), "Transmedieval IT: The Law"
  • Margaret Mullett (Director of Byzantine Studies-Dumbarton Oaks), "A Life of Bliss: Positioning Byzantine Studies in the 21st Century"
  • Catherine Conybeare (Classics-Bryn Mawr), "Postmodern Positivism: On Techne & Text Editing"
  • To register and order lunch, email Kathleen Biddick at "mailto:kbiddick@temple.edu".
April 17, 2010, hosted by Temple University
  • Susan Einbinder (Hebrew College), "Seeing the Blind: On Misreadings of the Medieval Jewish Past"
  • Ronald Surtz (Princeton University), "The Perils of Female Writing in Late Medieval Valencia"
  • Kathleen Biddick (Temple University), "Dead Neighbors: The Sovereignty of Miracles"
  • Robert A. Maxwell (University of Pennsylvania), "Authenticating Absence: Pictorial Signatures on Some Spanish Romanesque Charters"
February 20, 2010, "Translatio and Translation in Medieval Europe," hosted by Bryn Mawr College
  • Maud McInerney (Haverford College), "Hector in the Alabaster Chamber: Translating History in the Medieval Troy Story"
  • Jennifer Borland (Oklahoma State University and Penn Humanities Forum), "Accessing Health in the Regime du corps"
  • Jamie Taylor (Bryn Mawr College), "From Mouth to Page: William Langland's Testimonial Book"
  • Nicholas Watson (Harvard University), "Work in Progress: The Thirteenth-Century Pastoral Revolution and the Making of Lay Identity"
December 12, 2009, hosted by Princeton University
  • Colum Hourihane (Index of Christian Art), "The Irish High Crosses - A New Interpretation"
  • Emily Zazulia (University of Pennsylvania), "Corps contre corps, voix contre voix: Conflicting Codes of Discourse in the Late Fifteenth-Century Combinative Chanson"
  • Robert Hollander (Princeton University), "Dante's Problematic Cato the Younger: Purgatory I& II"
  • Introduction to the Index of Christian Art
September 26, 2009, hosted by University of Pennsylvania
  • Erik Knibbs (University of Pennsylvania), "The First Seven Miracles Performed by Aldhelm of Malmesbury"
  • Martin Foys (Drew University), "The Digital Mappaemundi Project: Making the World more than Word"
  • Round-table Discussion with Kathleen E. Kennedy (Penn State University-Brandywine) & Paul Patterson (St. Joseph's University) on "Reforming the Reformation of the Book: A Report on the recent NEH Seminar 'Reformation of the Book'"

Archives of Past Lectures:

Spring 2010
Fall 2008
Spring 2007
Fall 2006
Spring 2006
Fall 2005

Noteworthy Past Events:

Connections You Can Believe In: Syncretism in the Ancient World and Beyond, February 26, 2010
  • Caitlin Barrett (Columbia University), "Religious Syncretism in the Household and the Sanctuary: Egyptian and Egyptianizing Terracotta Figurines from Hellenistic Delos"
  • Fritz Graf (Ohio State University), "Magic and religion in ancient Rome"
  • Jason BeDuhn (Northern Arizona University), "Systematic Syncretism in Early Manichaeism"
  • Rina Talgam (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "New Filters to Classical Traditions: Christian and Jewish Attitudes towards Pagan Heritage in the Art of Late Antique Palestine"
  • D. Stephen Jaeger (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "Hermetic Philosophy and Twelfth-Century Humanism"
  • Jaime Lara (CASVA, National Gallery of Art), "It's All in the Blood: New Orthodoxies in the First Contact with Mesoamerica"
  • Heath Lowry (Princeton University), "Hasluck & Beyond: The Fate of Muslim Sanctuaries in Post-Ottoman Greece"
Recovering the Past: Archaeologists and Travelers in Ottoman Lands, March 19-20,2010
The symposium is part of an 18-month program on the beginnings of American archaeology in Ottoman Empire during the late nineteenth century, the role of Osman Hamdi Bey in the development of cultural policies for archaeology, and the engagement of archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania, specifically the Penn Museum. The Halpern - Rogath Seminar in Museum Practice for undergraduates and graduates initiated the program in the fall of 2009. The symposium "Recovering the Past" is the second event in the series. It will be followed an exhibition at the Penn Museum opening in September 2010, featuring unpublished materials from the museum archives, two newly discovered paintings by Hamdi and objects from the Near East section of the museum. A version of the exhibit will appear in the Pera Museum, Istanbul in 2011.

Per Speculum in Mediaevum: Discourses of Mirroring in the Middle Ages, February 6-7, 2009

First Annual Lawrence J. Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age, October 24-25, 2008

Spaces and Visions: An International Symposium on the Historians of Islamic Art Association, October 16-18, 2008

Etymologies of Medieval Song, February 8-9, 2008

Fourth International Piers Plowman Conference, May 17-19, 2007

Medieval/Renaissance: Rethinking Periodization, November 11, 2006

Representing History, 1000-1300, October 28-29, 2006

Petrarch at 700, March 29-May 21, 2004

From March 29-May 21, 2004, An exhibition of books and manuscripts from the Cornell University Library and the University of Pennsylvania Library went on display to celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of Francesco Petrarca’s birth. The exhibition was organized in conjunction with an international conference devoted to current studies of his bucolic poetry, letters, and epics, written in both Italian and Latin. Works in the exhibition included illuminated manuscripts, decorated incunabula, and numerous early printed volumes from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Leaves of Gold Exhibition, March 10-May 13, 2001 & September 27, 2001-January 6, 2002

In 2001, the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL), in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and other partners (including the Library of the University of Pennsylvania), pooled their resources to create an rare exhibition of medieval manuscripts. Eighty of the choicest objects were exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art March 10 - May 13, 2001 and at the Frist Gallery for the Visual Arts (Nashville TN) from September 27, 2001 - January 6, 2002. The reach of the collaborative effort continues through a printed catalogue as well as a CD-ROM.

Wrinkles in Time Conference, October 7, 2000

On October 7, 2000, Penn hosted an interdisciplinary graduate student conference entitled “Wrinkles in Time: Ruptures and Continuities in the Writing of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.” Drawing in scholars from many disciplines at Penn and across North America, the event was organized by graduate students and sponsored by the Departments of English, Romance Languages, Religous Studies, the Medieval/Renaissance Seminar, and the College of Arts and Sciences. The conference was also accompanied by a rare books exhibit in Van Pelt Library.

Isidore of Seville and a Copyist, from Etymologies
France (southern Fr?), c.1250 (Schoenberg MS ljs184, f.1r)


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