• The CONSORTIUM FOR LANGUAGE POLICY AND PLANNING is an unincorporated association of a number of research universities, advocacy bodies, and other scholars interested in issues of language policy and planning.

    • Research Universities are those with programs involving several scholars, disciplines, departments, or schools focused (in whole or in part) on research and study of language policy:

        Arizona State University; Bar-Ilan University (Israel); City University of New York (Graduate Center); Long Island University; New York University; Penn State University; Stanford University; Université de la Haute-Bretagne (Rennes-2, France); the University of Pennsylvania; University of Southhampton (England); University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa; National Institute of Education, Singapore; University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana; University of California LMRI.

    • Individual Scholars are typically located at institutions without established programs, other than their own research interests:

    • Advocacy Bodies are organizations, institutes, centers etc. that may carry out research and/or study language policy, but are primarily devoted to the advocacy of issues surrounding language policy and ethno-linguistic conflict:

        Language Australia, The National Languages & Literacy Institute of Australia; L'Institut d'Estudis Catalans, The Academy of the Catalan Language, Barcelona.

  • The objectives of the Consortium are to enhance the quality of research, teaching, and information dissemination on the subject of language policy formation and study; to strengthen similarly-oriented programs of its member institutions, and to foster dialogue on the process of language policy formation in situations of ethnic and linguistic conflict in the modern world.