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ͻ edire `opposite, across from; contrary to, against'

֥ ͻ viittukku edire `across from, opposite the house'

In some dialects, ͻ edire combines with Ԩ+ؽ taan + poole `as if (just)' to form ͻկԤ edittaaple `just opposite, facing, right across'.The LT form of ͻկԤ edi(r)taaple would be ͻկ-Ԩ-ؽ etir taan poola but the historical derivation of the ST form from the LT is not without problems. In some dialects, the final a of ؽ poola may be phonetically more fronted, i.e. [æ] or even []. We represent it therefore as ple but pla can also occur.This follows the general rule that the a of infinitives (or words that are derived from infinitives) is often fronted to [æ], while other pre-pausal a vowels, such as those marking adjectives, may remain phonetically lower and more central.