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準 padu `experience emotions'

準 padu is used with nouns expressing the notion of feeling and experiencing emotions:

  1. 揮唸そ kastap-padu `experience difficulty' 者 彑圍 者辻 揮唸そヘ宏 naan romba naalaa kastap-patteen a while there I was having a lot of trouble.'

  2. 愡奚そ sandoosap-padu `feel pleasure'

  3. 澗彖そ kavale-padu `worry, be troubled' 牌擦 就師 澗彖そ行彁 adep patti kavalep-padaadenga `Don't worry about that.'

  4. 彌舸召準 perume-padu `feel pride'

  5. 盤兇準 aacep-padu `desire'

  6. 彗ヾそ vekkap-padu `feel shame'

Vasu Renganathan
Sat Nov 2 21:16:08 EST 1996