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More about ¿ vayyi `future utility.'

The AM ¿ vayyi can occur with other aspect markers, but ¿ vayyi always immediately follows the main verb, with other AMs following ¿ vayyi. It is used only with TRANSITIVE verbs. The idea underlying the use of ¿ vayyi is that the action of the main verb is done with the intent of its having some `future benefit' or `future utility'. Ordinary tense forms may be affixed to ¿ vayyi so that ¿ vayyi does not replace tense markers, i.e., ¿ vayyi is not a substitute for future tense, for example, ¿ vayyi as an AM is translated in English in many different ways, but one common way is verb + `up', e.g. stock up, buy up, lay up, do in advance, in reserve, etc.

That is, we can get the following contrasts:

Vasu Renganathan
Sat Nov 2 21:16:08 EST 1996