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Predicate Adjectives: termination in tu and cu.

If the adjective is in the predicate and not preceding any noun, as in English `this house is new', it must be nominalized in Tamil by the addition of -tu or in some cases, su Example: inta viidu pudusu `this house is (a) new (one)'. In some cases, the consonants of the stem also undergo morphophonemic alternation when nominalized: ը cinna sirisu. The following is a list of nominalized forms of `true' adjectives:

Nominalizations of the sort in English `good man' are also possible, by suffixing the third person pronouns directly to the adjectival stem: ׽տ¨ periyavan `big man', ը¨ cinnavan `small man', nallavaru `good man', ״ kettavanga `bad people', etc.Arden (1942) refers to these as `participial nouns'.