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Other variations, other deictic sets.

We list ɤ ippa etc. for `now' etc. but the form of this set varies widely in ST. The older LT form ɤ׽ ippo= to0pt.25ex ##= by .25ex utu does not occur in ST, but a more modern form ɤؽ ippoodu `now' is used by some in ST. Other speakers use ɤ׽ ippo `now' (Ǥ׽ appo `then', and ͤ׽ eppo `when'?; some others have the forms ɤ ippa, Ǥ appam, and ͤ eppa `when'?

LT is capable of making other sets of words by prefixing i, a and e to nouns of various sorts (and doubling the first consonant): ɨԪ innaal `this day', ɡ ikkaalam `this time; the contemporary period', etc. This is rare in ST, but some dialects of ST may occasionally produce such forms.