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ؽ poola contracted: Counterfactual

ؽ poola also has a contracted form ple or pla. This is added to what seems to be a conditional ending ȧ -aal attached to the present stem. In LT the l in ȧ -aal assimilates to alveolar r before the p in poola; in ST a further step is taken and the r assimilates and/or deletes.
ԧ avaru var-r-aal + ؽ p(oo)la irukkraaru Ԥ avaru varaapla irukkraaru
The verb iru after contracted p(oo)la agrees in PNG with the noun phrase subject rather than being neuter to agree with a sentential subject. The meaning of this contracted construction is slightly different from S + ؽ poola irukku constructions.

Ԥ avaru varraapla irukkraaru `It seems as if he's coming (but he's really not).'

When contracted pla is not followed by iru, the meaning is `as, like' as in

׶Ԥ Ƕ angammaa solraapla, asingamaa irukku. `As Angamma says, the place is filthy.'

Many of these examples involve quotative expressions: `as' or `like' (someone) says, etc.