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Ի maatiri padi.

Ի maatiri and padi are nouns meaning `way, fashion, manner, likeness'. They can therefore be preceded by adjectival forms, and if sentences are embedded before them, the verbs in the sentences are in the form of adjectival participles (AJP).

Ԩ ״ؿ Ԣػ + Ի
naan ongale engeyoo paatteen + maadiri irukku Ԩ ״ؿ Ԣ + Ի
naan ongale engeyoo paatta + maadiri irukku

`It is as if I saw you somewhere; I think I've seen you somewhere before.'

padi may also be used in these sentences where Ի maadiri occurs, but is more like LT. Ի maadiri may be shortened to maari in rapid speech.