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Negative Probability.

The Negative of the forms in 7.11 is formed by affixing the `negative participle' ׾ aame to the verb in question and following it by 硴ԣ irundaalum irukkalaam, e.g.
¨ ؽԴ׾ 硴ԣ
avan pook-aame irundaalum irukkalaam. `He might not go; perhaps he won't go.'

Similarly, the negative of 7.12 is formed by affixing ׾ - aame to the verb, and following it by ؽ irundaalum iruppeen, e.g.

¨ Ծն Ԥչ׾ 礽Ԩ avan maamsam saappidaame irundaalum iruppaan. `He probably won't eat meat.'

The `expected' negative forms, i.e., something like * pookaattaalum pookamaattaan, while acceptable grammatically to a native speaker, would not be assigned the meaning a speaker of English would expect and would not be used by a native speaker.