Configuration of your Netscape browser for sending messages via. email.

  • Click Options
  • Select Mail and News Preferences
  • Click Servers
  • For "Outgoing Mail(SMTP) Server" enter
  • (Mine is:
  • For "Incoming Mail(POP3) server" enter your email address
  • For POP3 user Name: Enter your user name (Mine is vasur)
  • For Mail Directory: It should be configured already. If not, enter c:\Netscape\Navigator\Mail
  • Press OK button.

  • Click "Identify"
  • Enter Your Name:
  • Enter your email:
  • For Reply-to-Address: enter your email
  • Your Organization: Enter your organization (Mine is University of Pennsylvania)
  • If you have signature file: enter it, otherwise leave it blank.
  • Press OK.

    Now your message should go to your teacher via. email