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This is a new unmoderated list created especially for discussions related to learning and teaching of the Tamil language. You can either use this form to subscribe to this list or send a message to with the message (not subject) subscribe learntamil John Doe This message should be in a single line.

All those who left their emails and names with us using our email list form have already been included in this list. For any reason, if you want to remove yourself from this list, please send a message to with the messsage (not subject): unsubscribe learntamil

We request you to restrict the topic of your discussion to learning/teaching the Tamil language, Grammar and Linguistics. We will try to include Tamil linguists, teachers and other scholars of Tamil on this list so a live discussion on Tamil language, grammar, linguistics and other related topics may be anticipated. Please feel free to share your experience with everyone on learning and teaching of the Tamil language.
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