Exercise: Translation drill

A. Translate into Tamil:

Consult transliteration table
1. I know Tamil.

2. The teacher likes coffee.

3. Does he know German or does he know French?

4. Do you know Telugu?

5. I don't know French, but I know Tamil.

6. Is this enough coffee for you?

7. No, it won't do (it isn't enough for me).

8. Do you want some coffee?

9. How about some more (cooked) rice?

10. No, but the Professor wants some tea.

11. How about some more yogurt?

12. The (female) student likes coffee, but she doesn't want any.

13. I like yogurt, but this is enough.

14. I don't like coffee, and I don't want any.

15. He doesn't know French, but he knows German.

16. The yogurt is sufficient, but the rice is not.

17. I've got enough yogurt, but I haven't got enough buttermilk.

18. I like beer, but I have enough, thanks.

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