Preliminary Lesson 1B


Lesson 1B-2: Sentences
1. What is this thing? idu yenna? ͨ?
2. What is that thing? adu yenna? ͨ?
3.a This is a book. idu pustaham ӻ.
b. This is a window. idu jannal Ƨ.
c. This is a door. idu kadavu .
d. This is a table. idu meese ؾ׶.
e. This is a room idu ruumu .
f. This is a shirt idu caTTe ׹.
g. This is saree idu poDave ׽Թ.
h. This is a cupboard idu alamaari .
4. What is that (thing)? adu yenna? ͨ?
5.a. That is a book. adu pustaham ӻ
b. That is a window. adu jannal Ƨ.
c. That is a door. adu kadavu .
d. That is a table. adu meese ؾ׶.
e. That is a room. adu are .
f. That is a shirt. adu saTTe ׹.
g. That is a saree. adu poDave ׽Թ.
h. That is a cubboard. adu alamaari .
6. Which thing? (y)edu? ?
7.a. Which (thing) is a pen? peenaa yedu? ؽ ?
b. Which (thing) is a window? jannal yedu? Ƨ ?
c. Which (thing) is a door? kadavu yedu? ?
d. Which (thing) is a table? meese yedu? ؾ׶ ?
e. Which (thing) is a room? f. ruumu yedu? ?
f. Which (thing) is a shirt? saTTe yedu? ׹ ?
g. Which (thing) is a saree? poDave yedu? ׽Թ ?
h. Which (thing) is a cupboard? alamaari yedu? ?
i. Which (thing) is a pencil? pensilu yedu? ׽ ?
j. Which (thing) is a glasses? kaNNaaDi yedu? ?
8.a. This is (the/a) book. idu pustaham ӻ?
b. That is (the/a) room. adu ruumu
c. This is a saree. idu poDave ׽Թ.
d. Those are glasses. adu kaNNaaDi .
e. This is a pen. idu peenaa ؽ.
f. That is a cupboard. adu alamaari .
g. This is a shirt. idu caTTe ׹.
h. That is a table. adu meese ؾ׶.

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