Lesson 2E: Interrogation: Answering Questions Negatively

Asking Questions about Location


Lesson 2E-1: Locative Sentences: Answers

6 a. No, I am not in the room. ille, naan ruumle ille.
ɧ. Ԩ ɧ.
6.b No, I am not in India. ille, naan indiyaavle ille.
ɧ, Ԩ տ ɧ.
6 c. No, the student is not in the office ille, maaNavaru aafisle ille.
ɧ, Ժ Ƚ ɧ.
6 d. No, you are not in the room. ille, niinga ruumle ille.
ɧ, ɧ.
6 e. No, the book is not in the office. ille, pustaham aapiisle ille.
ɧ, ӻ Ƚ ɧ.
6 f. No, the pen is not in the cupboard. ille, peenaa alamaarile ille.
ɧ, ؽ ɧ.
6 g. Yes, that is in the room. aamaa, adu ruumle irukku.
Ⱦ, .
6 h. Yes, this is here. aamaa, itu ingke irukku.
Ⱦ, ״ .
5 i. Yes, the U of Penn is in Philadelphia. aamaa, `U of Penn' pilaDelpiyaavle irukku.
Ⱦ, U of Penn ׹տ . 



Lesson 2E-2: Interrogative Locational Sentences
7. Is it?
irukk-aa? 硴?
7 a. Is the book on the table? pustaham meeceyle irukkaa?
ӻ ؾ׶ 硴?
7.b. Is the student in the room? maaNavaru ruumle irukkaaraa?
Ժ 硴?
7 c. Is he an American? avaru amerikkanaa?
7 d. Are you an Indian? niinga indiyanaa?
7 e. Is the (female) student in the room? maaNavi ruumle irukkaangalaa?
Ժ 硴?
7 f. Are you in America? niinga amerikkaavle irukkiingaLaa?
׾ա 硴?



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