Lesson 3a: Interrogative Sentences



Lesson 3a-1: Interrogative Sentences
this (adj.)
that (adj.)
a. This book is in the room. ӻ .
b. This table is in this room. ؾ׶ .
c. That cabinet is here. ״ .
d. You are in this room. 硴.
e. Are you in that room? 硴.
f. Is this table here? ؾ׶ ״ 硴?
g. Is that door there? ״ 硴?
h. This window is not there. Ƨ ״ ɧ.
h. Where is that pen? ؽ ״ .



3A-2: New Vocabulary: Pronouns
my ͨ
your (polite)
his (pol.) , ׹

her (pol.) , ׹

name ؽ



3A-3. Questions: Location
3.a. Where is your pen? ؽ ״?
3.b. Where are my glasses? ͨ ״ ?
3.c. What is his name? ؽ?
3.d. Where is your house/home? ״?
3.e. Is my house/home here? ͨ ״ 硴?
3.f. Is your name John? ؽ ?
3.g. His name is not Ramaswamy. ؽ ԾԾ ɧ



3A-4: New Vocabulary: Dative Case with verbs of Motion
I go/I'm going Ԩ ؽŨ
he goes ؽ
(you) go ؽ
to, toward -ˡ, (dative suffix)

to the room
to(ward the table) ؾ׶



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