Lesson C: Interrogative Sentences, continued:

Motion to/from a Place



3c-7: Interrogative Sentences
7.a. Are you coming home/to the house/ ֥ ?
7.b. He is coming to my room. ͨ
7.c. Come home/to the house. ֥ .
7.d. Come here(non-polite) ״ .
7.e. That student is coming. Ժ¯ .
7.f. This American is going. ׾ա ؽ.
7.g. I am coming to your house. Ԩ ֥ Ũ



3c-8: New vocabulary
okay, all right
go (pol. imp) ؽ
goodbye ('go and come') ؽԲ
see, look (non-pol.imp.)
see, look (pol.imp)



3c-9. Taking Leave
9.a. Okay, goodbye (so long, see you) , ؽԲ
b. Okay, I have to go now. (so long; see you later) , Ԩ ؽԲ