Lesson 4b: Dative-Stative Constructions: Knowing and Not-Knowing



2: Dative-Stative Constructions:
Knowing Emphatically

Certainly, of course !

It is known (emphatic). ׻ؾ.
It is not known ׻տ
2.a. Of course, I know English. , ơ ׻ؾ.
a.b. No, I don't know English. ɧ, ơ ׻տ.
Q.b. Don't you know Telugu? ơޢ ׻ ׻տԻ?
b.b. Of course, I know Telugu. , ׻ ׻ؾ!
b.c. No, I don't know Telugu. ɧ, ơޢ ׻ ׻տ.
c.a. Of course, I know French. , ơޤ ׻ؾ!
c.b. No, I don't know Hindi! ɧ, ơ ׻տػ!
d.a. Of course, I know German. , ׻ؾ.
d.b. No, I don't know Russian. ɧ, ơ ׻տ.
e.a. Of course, I know Kannada. , ơ ƹ ׻ؾ.
e.b. No, I don't know Kannada. ɧ, ơ ƹ ׻տ.

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