Lesson 6: Dative-Stative Constructions:

Wanting, Not-Wanting; Sufficing, not-Sufficing


Lesson 6-1: Dative-Stative and ؽ
(it is) wanted
(it) is not wanted. غԣ .
`suffice, be enough, (it) will do' ؽ
`be insufficient, be not enough' ؽԻ
`cooked rice' Ի

`yogurt, curds'
`butter milk' ؾ


6-2: Conversation Nucleus:
1.a. Do you want some (cooked) rice? ޫ Ի ?
b. No, (thanks), this is enough. ԣ, ؽ.
c. Have you got enough yogurt? ޢ ؽ?
d. No, it's not enough (and I'd like some more!). ؽԻ.
e. Do you want some buttermilk? ؾ ?
f. No, (thanks), this will do. ԣ, ؾ ؽ.


6-3: Variations:
2. Do you want (cooked) rice? Ի ?
a. Do you want some coffee? ޡ Ԥ ?
b. I don't want coffee. ơޡ Ԥ ԣ.
c. I want milk. ơޤ .
d. Have you got enough tea? ؽ?
e. Don't you have enough tea? ؽԻԻ?
f. Don't you want coffee? ޡ Ԥ Ծ?


6-4: Chain questions:
3.a. Do you want this book? ӻ ?
b. No, I don't; I want that book. ԣ, ӻ .
c. Do you want this? ?
d.Do you want this pen? ؽ ?
e. Do you want this table? ؾ׶ ?
f. Do you want this pencil? ׽ ?
g. Do you want this paper? ؽ ?
h. Do you want this piece of chalk? ԡ ?
i. Do you want this (cooked) rice? Ի ?
j. Do you want this yogurt? ?