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Use this page to write your essay in Tamil. The topic can be on anything. Consult the transliteration table for how to write Tamil in roman. You should have installed TamilNet font in your computer to view your message in Tamil. If you haven't installed the Tamil font yet, click here to download it from our fonts page. Click here to view the other essays.
Feel free to use this page to write any other activities in your school related to Tamil. But, please restrict the topic to "learning of Tamil"
Transliteration key: a, aa/A, i, ii/I, u, uu/U, e, ee/E, ai, o, oo/O, au
k, ng, c, nj, T, N, t, n, p, m, y, r, l, v, z, L, R, n2, sh, s, h, j, 0
Type your essay here. Use the pipe symbol (|) to enclose Tamil text like |niingkaL ingkee tamizil ezutungkaL.| You can write here in English and in Tamil.
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