This page has a link to the transcripts of the radio play "Aru ManikkuL" broadcast by the Trichi Radio station. The transcript and the audio files are originally part of the monograph "Reader for Advanced Spoken Tamil" produced by Prof. Harold F. Schiffman.

A tagged text generated by a Tamil tagger accompanies the spoken and written part of the transcript in order to search specific type of sentence patterns. Only the first and second scenes of this play are included in this search engine. However, in the other sections of this site facility to listen to the entire play has been made possible.

You can listen to the spoken part of the transcript using any Java enabled browser via the server belonging to the Linguistic Data Consortiom of the University of Pennsylvania.
We are thankful to Prof. Mark Libermann, David Graff and Zhibiao Wu of LDC for giving us permission to use their facilities and for their support.
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