1) Dad! That guy (over there) saw you (noticed that you are here and is trying to get your attention.) Look dad! He is waving (his hand) at you, too.

2) (Softly to himself). Oh God! The wretched man saw me? No use trying to hide from him any more. I wonder whose (unlucky) face (I saw when) I woke up to today?

3) What's up, Kanagasabai? How are you doing? Long time no see! Were you out of town? I haven't seen you for a while.

4) (No,) it's just you that's been invisible.

5) So you're bringing your son to the bazaar?

6) Yeah!; Right! (It's just that) if I bring him along to the bazaar, he nags me constantly to buy this and that, and it's a terrible nuisance. Hey! Kannaa!

7) What, Dad?

8) Here's a rupee. Go buy yourself that book.

9) Thanks, Daddy!

10) All right, Kanagasabai! What/\'s happened to the seventy five rupees that you borrowed from me? How long do I have to chase you around to get it back?

11) Whaddya mean, Nityanandam? Don't be in such a big hurry to get it back so soon! Be a little more patient!

12) Yeah right! It's been two months since you borrowed it from me. You want me to wait even longer? Now you look here! The money should reach me by tomorrow without fail.

13) So it's tomorrow, then? In that case, do one thing Nityanandam. Come to my house tomorrow evening by six o'clock at the latest. I will definitely pay you back all the money; I'm expecting to come into some money tomorrow.

14) Why are you specifying that it be before six o'clock? Are you going to be out of town or something?

15) (Laughing) No, no, nothing like that! I will be home until around six o'clock. Then, I will probably go out for a walk. That's why I ask you to come before six.

16) If I come to your house tomorrow, will I come away with my money?

17) I will definitely give you the money, Nityaa! (But) please keep quiet (about it). My son's coming. If he knows about it, he will blab the whole story to my wife.

18) Dad, Dad! Look at this! I bought the album; Dad, I am going home. I want to show this to all my friends. See you later.

19) Hey, Kannan; wait up. I'm coming along too. Okay Nitya! See you later?

20) Okay, see you! Don't forget (it)!

21) Not a chance!