1) Oh, dear! What's the time now? Did you happen to notice?

2) Aaah! (getting up out of bed) What are you talking about? Time! How can I see the time? Am I not (in the bed!)

3) Yes, indeed! You would say that! No, no, don't say a thing! Should I wait until you say it (in order to) know the time from you? Your sleep's not finished yet! How can you see the time?

4) What're talking about?

5) What should I say? I have only the clock to blame! (Why does it always run fast?) You haven't finished your sleep yet.

6) What did you say?

7) Why could it possibly be seven o'clock already?

8) (Uncomprehendingly) what'd you say?

9) What is there to say? The day has dawned, and it's seven o'clock in the morning. I'm just wondering why the deity has not been awakened yet from his beatific slumber!

10) You look at me and you look at the clock! Don't you have anything else to do?

11) That's right! I don't have anything else to do! What a pity! Only you had so much to do for the entire day yesterday. Even for today you're swamped (with work, up to your neck). What ever will you do? It's too bad! You're so tired! Only if you can sleep until ten o'clock in the morning, will you to able to work hard after such a good rest.

11) Oh, Mangalam! What are you bitching about? Don't I have a right in this house even to sleep?

12) Alas! It's too bad! Poor dear! You need the right to sleep at home whenever you want, don't you? Other than that, you don't even think about how to run the family, how to settle the milk bill, and how to repay the money we borrowed last month and so on.

13) Is that what I'm supposed to be thinking about? Those problems I will definitely solve, every one of them. That's what I'm thinking (deep thoughts) about, lying in bed.

14) Oh, you keep thinking your deep thoughts! I'll be back, I'm going to visiting Samayapuram temple with our neighbor Pangajam. Food is ready in the kitchen! Take good care of the house! I'll be off, then?

15) (Muttering) go, yes go! Go get lost somewhere!

16) What's this! Why are you saying inauspicious things just at the moment I am leaving to visit god's house? All right, goodbye! Kannan is at home. I'm off then.

17) Okay! Go. (softly) Having spoiled my sound sleep. Nityanandan has also declared that he would come today. I have to figure out a way to get rid of him (and not let him even lay eyes on me.) Oh, my lord Muruga! Hey, Kannan! Hey! What happened to him? Isn't he around? Is he sleeping? Hey! Kannaa!

18) What Dad? Why are you calling me like this (so urgently) so early in the morning?

19) Is there some special time for me to call you, or what? What are you doing?

20) I was showing the cricket (game) album to my friend Balu. What do you need now? Tell me!.

21) Nothing. I'm going to write a story today!

22) (laughing) Why are you bothering yourself writing stories?

23) Hey! Don't think of this story as being like all the other stories.

24) Yeah right! All the other stories return (from the publishers) after a decent interval; but this story will return quicker! Is it not right, dad?

25) You impudent fellow! Listen to me! I'm going to (spend the day) writing this story until six o'clock in the evening. While I'm writing, I don't want anybody come and disturb me. So, whoever comes to our home before six o'clock, you should send them away, saying that I'm not home and I have gone out of town on urgent business. Also tell them that I'll be back only tomorrow. You get it?

26) You are saying that I should send everyone away, no matter who it is! Shall I also send mother away when she gets home?

27) Hey! You should send away only the ones who come looking for me. Mom will be back only after six o'clock.

28) What if people come after six o'clock?

29) Send them in!

30) Okay daddy! Let me outta here!

31) Where to?

32) To the door, indeed!

33) Okay, go! Geez! I'm off the hook! Otherwise, Nityanandan will come and have my guts for garters. I can relax a little bit today. Oh, God! Muruga!